Risk warning

The shop articles offered here, are indicators that can only used via TradingView platform.

In general, trading in financial products involves high risk and is not suitable for investors with a security-conscious interest. In particular, acting with leverage involves a high risk. The high leverage effect can work for, but also against you. Carefully consider your investment or speculative goals, your financial situation, your risk-taking, your needs, as well as your experience and knowledge of the subject matter before you start trading online in the financial markets or on over-the-counter trading platforms.

It provides always a correlation between high profit and high risk. Any kind of trading and speculation on financial products with which a unusually high profit (return) can be achieved, means a increased risk.

Note that past profits guarantee of positive results in the future. In the case of speculative Trading in foreign exchange, differential contracts or (binary) options you can lose all or part of your capital. Trade only with money, the loss of which you can easily afford. Be aware of all the risks associated with the online trading of financial products. Before you deposit money where possible, learn in-depth experience in trading in fictitious capital. In this way, you can use the strategy you have chosen without financial risk and familiarize with the financial products you traded.