Nen Star Harmonic Pattern ULTRA V1 Indicator



The Nen Star Harmonic Pattern ULTRA V1 indicator shows the well-known Nen Star formation of the Harmonic Patterns and thus offers good signals for a trend reversal.

In order to use this indicator after purchase, an unblocked user account on TradingView* is required. Within 24 hours after payment, the indicator will be activated for the ordered period for the TradingView username, entered in the order process.

The indicator Nen Star Harmonic pattern ULTRA V1 in action:

Nen Star Harmonic Pattern

The indicator draws the individual lines as soon as the first 4 points are fixed. The last point is then predicted and remains fixed. There is therefore no repaint! However, the signal is generated as soon as the conditions in the immediate vicinity of the pattern are met (blue vertical lines show when the indicator gives signals).

When drawing the pattern, sometimes the problem arises that too many lines are drawn. The reason for this is the TradingView platform itself. To prevent TradingView servers from collapsing, a maximum of 50-55 lines/labels per indicator is allowed.

To work around this problem, the indicator offers three options in the settings. The settings of the indicator can be opened at the top left of the indicator name.

By clicking on the gear icon comes the adjustment mask. In it you can change the conditions for the respective chart.

Settings Nen Star Harmonic Pattern


What is the NEN-Star indicator?

The NEN-Star indicator is a revolutionary tool for technical analysis on the TradingView platform. Designed for traders looking for precision and effectiveness in their strategies, this indicator identifies harmonic patterns in the financial markets with impressive accuracy. Harmonic patterns are complex price structures based on Fibonacci numbers and geometry. Recognizing them can fundamentally change your trading.

How does the NEN-Star indicator work?

The NEN-Star indicator uses advanced algorithms to identify harmonic patterns that signal impending price reversals. These patterns, such as Gartley, Bat, Butterfly and Crab, offer precise entry and exit points. The indicator analyzes price movements and time frames to provide you with reliable signals directly on your chart.

Step-by-step instructions for use

  1. Installation: After activation you will find the NEN-Star indicator in your indicator menu on your TradingView chart.
  2. Configuration: Adapt the settings to your trading strategy.
  3. Analysis: Observe the patterns highlighted by NEN-Star on your chart.
  4. Trading: Use the identified patterns to plan precise entries and exits.

Advantages of the NEN-Star indicator

  • Precision: Recognize harmonic patterns with high accuracy.
  • Flexibility: Applicable to different markets and time frames.
  • Ease of use: Easy to install and configure.
  • Risk management: Helps to minimize risks and maximize profits.


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