Wolfe Wave Market Scanner Ultra V2



The Wolfe Wave Market Scanner Ultra V2 is built like an indicator. You can specify 6 markets yourself for the indicator, in which wolves waves of any size are searched continually. As soon as a favorable Wolfe Wave is detected, the indicator gives a signal. You can then see on the chart where to find the Wolfe Wave.

In order to use this indicator after purchase, an unblocked user account on TradingView* is required. Within 24 hours after payment, the indicator will be activated for the ordered period for the TradingView username, entered in the order process.

Members with a free account can currently only display 3 indicators on the chart. Thus, with the scanner you could browse at least 18 markets at the same time for Wolfe Waves. With the highest upgrade, 8 charts with 25 indicators are allowed. This would theoretically allow you to analyze 6 x 25 x 8 = 1200 markets at the same time according to Wolfe Waves with the right system requirement.

The Market Scanner takes the currently open chart as a timeframe. So if you want to get suitable Wolfe Waves in the given markets instead of the daily chart in the hour chart, then you go directly to the hourly chart of any market – because the prices from the other markets are read in the background.

Wolfe Waves Market Scanner in Action


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