I want to fulfill your wishes.

Are you unsuccessful in trading? Need advice? You need a promising strategy? Tips for trading approaches or someone who programs your Pinescript code?

Please write your enquiries directly to me on TradingView! Alternatively, your comments below are also welcome.

Kind regards NXT2017

6 thoughts on “Survey

  1. Could you please update on my access

    1. Hi,

      I open your access after your purchase.

      Please look to the “only-invited” indicators on your chart from tradingview.

  2. Hi NXT2017,
    Which products are in your bundle package? Is it all of the indicators, strategies, and harmonic pattern options?

    1. You are right, the bundle includes all the indicators, that I offer on this shop.

  3. hi i want to buy bundle, is it one time purchase for lifetime access

    1. Yes, it is. All prices are is only one time to pay for life-time access to the indicator on tradingview.

      Best regards

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