Trader NXT2017

Hey guys!

I am the trader with the profile names NXT2017. This name I have on the Plattfrom* and with this username I made the second place at the German Forex Trading Championships 2018.

In this excerpt you can see the second place.

Proof of the second place of the German Trading Championships in 2018

THE GOAL of the competition was to make the most money with MetaTrader within a month, starting capital of €10,000 play money under real chart data conditions.

From the €10,000 play money I was able to generate a proud sum of €84,242.45 with total 95 trades.

Because EA (Expert Advisor) were allowed in the competition, I assume that I had no chance with my manual trades against the first placed HonesTrader with 1179 trades. However, I am probably the first place winner if one would only be evaluated on the basis of self-made trades. Nevertheless, I am proud of my performance and share my experiences here for the first time.

Second place is no guarantee that success can be repeated. However, I was able to prove my self-appropriated trading knowledge and assert myself in front of a number of traders.

My capital development from the competition is as follows:

NXT2017 Capital Development of the Forex Championships 2018
The highest earning amount was €133,868!

My applied trading strategy was identifying a great Wolf Wave and trading that wave with pyramidization tactics. I’m a big fan of Wolfe Waves. That’s why I learned to program indicators on the platform* and programmed my own Wolfe Wave indicator. I offer this indicator here in the shop.

Over time, I will add more interesting indicators to the palette.

King regards